Tag: The Provinces


  • Sodor

    A city-state along the northern edge of The Coldshir Timbers, which the dwarves call Khadakhva. Sodor is a city and surrounding provincial farmland set along the Sovereign's Way in [[The Provinces]]. As Sodor is a …

  • Torelle


    The largest city-state among all of [[The Provinces]] by a significant margin. Torelle is also notable for its government and culture. Torelle is a autocratic theocracy that is run by an organization known as the Children of the …

  • Hebron


    Coastal and most Westerly city-state. Heavy amount of sea trade and a strong navy. 

    Area in sq. mi. …

  • Kadesh


    Hilly southern home of the Dwarves of [[The Provinces]]. Chief exports are precious metals and gems. 

    < …

  • Lod


    The southernmost city-state of [[The Provinces]]. A great center of learning and engineering. 

  • Area in sq. mi. (approximate):
    Area in sq. mi. (approximate):

  • Nineveh


    Nestled in a remote and sparse area of [[The Provinces]]. Nineveh is settled along the southwestern edge of The Green Sea. Their place next to the vast plans brings them close to the native tribes of the Green Sea, the& …

  • Forum


    Aside from Victory, Forum is the easternmost city-state of [[The Provinces]]. Nestled in the southern foothills of the Hoplite mountains, Forum is a mining and industrial city-state. 

  • Portis


    Northwestern Coastal city-state of [[The Provinces]]. A major trade hub for all of the Provinces. Portis maintains a relatively large merchant fleet as well as a sizable navy to protect the harbor and surrounding coasts. Because …

  • Xanten


    A Dwarven community in the southernmost reaches of the Green Sea. One of the easterly city-states in [[The Provinces]]. Its dwarvish inhabitants long ago left the southern hills for the wide open spaces of the plains. …

  • Victory


    So far east as to not really be culturally associated with the other parts of [[The Provinces]], Victory is on the far eastern shore of Ordas. A relatively densely populated city-state in an otherwise sparse region. Victory's …

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