Bior the Illuminated One

One of the most worshipped deities within Ead. Most towns and large cities have a shrine or chapel dedicated to the worship or Bior or one of their saints. The Church of Illumination has existed since before the Veridyyan Empire (a point that adherents of the faith are quick to point out). 


Saint Igneus

The patron saint and namesake of The Holy Order of the Knights of St. Igneus' Blessed Ashes, Saint Igneus was a priest of Bior during The Pandemonium. A pious and kindly man, he was a pastor in a nameless eastern province. His town of parishioners came under frequent assault by lawless bandits and marauding bands of mercenaries who were campaigning against the newly fragmented city-states from the Veridyyan Empire. Father Igneus was a stalwart defender of innocents from his town and remained a pacifist even during this war-torn time.

Ultimately, he died for his convictions. During a night raid, Igneus and a few of the town's leaders hid the young, sick, and old in the cellar of the Chapel of Bior from a marauding band of outlaws seeking food, riches, and slaves. Rather than reveal his people, Igneus and the town leaders endured days of horrifying torture and abuse ending with being burned alive. 

In the fury that followed news of his death an order of Knights swore revenge and hunted down the outlaws, this became the start of The Holy Order of the Knights of St. Igneus' Blessed Ashes, or as it became known, The Ashen Order. The soldiers and holy warriors of the order were known for their black helms over white tabards. According to stories, the black of the helms was from the ritually applied ashes from St. Igneus' funerary pyre.


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