The Calendar

The Imperial Calendar

The calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes in Ead. This is done by giving names to periods of time, including days and months. The current calendar system was developed during the Veridyyan Empire and has been adopted by fiat by most of the lands of Ordas. 

Years and Months

The calendar year is made up of nine months. The names of the months in each year in sequential order are known as:

1 Thaw
3 Sown
4 Burgeon
F Pinnacle (14 days)
5 Kindle
6 Turning
7 Reaping
8 Dwelling
F Nadir (14 days)

Each month is made up of four spells, or forty days. In addition, there are two 14-day festivals at the end of Burgeon and Drowsing and marking the summer and winter solstice, making a full year a total of 348 days. The festival days are not considered part of any of the established months but rather their own discrete part of the calendar.

Days and Spells

In Ead, ten days are grouped together as a spell. The names of the days in each spell in sequential order are known as:

1 Eemet
2 Arcet
3 Sanet
4 Shinas
5 Wudas
6 Ludas
7 Chidas
8 Shelter
9 Reaving
10 Devotions

The first seven days are simply numbered in Veridic. These were the original seven days of a spell. The last three days of a spell have religious significance and were added during the reformation of the calendar by Imperator, relating to the story told of St. Igneus.

  • Shelter: This is the day when St. Igneus hid his people from evil.
  • Reaving: This is the day St. Igneus was captured and tortured.
  • Devotions: On this day, St. Igneus died with words of devotion to Bior on his lips.

The Calendar

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