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Races in Ead

In order to allow player freedom, any race that can be found in the 5th Edition Player's Handbook can be found on Ordas, one of the large continents of Ead. Other races from the subsequent 5th edition supplements are also available but will require a little more work with the DM to establish their points of origin as well as their reason and method of joining an adventuring party. 


The dominant race of Ordas. Human empires have risen and fallen over centuries of bloodshed and war. Only once has all (or most) of the continent fallen under the rule of a single empire. The Veridyyan Empire spanned the from the Shieldcrest Vale in the East to the Hoplite peaks in the West. The land still echoes with the ripples of this mighty nation. Veridyyan relics are prized art pieces. Ruins are sought after for plunder. The Sovereign's Way, a massive trade road that bisects the continent is still maintained and under heavy use as a trade artery between the Provinces and the Western Holds. The ancient capital, Veridas is still a thriving metropolis, though not quite as relevant on the world stage as her citizens would have you believe.


Originally hailing from the continent of Creadas, Dwarves migrated to Ordas thousands of years ago and now command large settlements in the southern mountains of Ordas.









The People

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