The Provinces

A vestige of the Veridyyan Empire, The Provinces are a patchwork of city-states and small baronies and counties that line the Sovereign's Way. When the Last Imperator, Cassius Fulvius Victor, began a campaign east across the Green Sea toward the Hoplite Peaks. The Empire’s armies were met by a massive force of goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins. These tribal peoples, usually fractured and prone to in-fighting, had banded together to stop the Imperator’s advance cold.

In a decisive battle on the plains before the Shield Hills, Cassius Victor fell in battle and his army routed. Immediately after the battle, the Imperator’s generals began bickering and grabbing for power. There was no clear line of succession from the Imperator. Everyone from officers to powerful politicians to the Senate itself scrambled to grab what power they could in the vacuum. Within weeks, the army had split into a half-dozen factions which skirmished and marched their way all the way back to the capital.

The death of the Emperor triggered a century of institutional anarchy, followed by several more decades of civil war as the Empire slowly cracked and crumbled. What was left by the end was a patchwork of smaller and smaller kingdoms and fiefdoms that waged unending war against one another until their own people revolted triggering numerous smaller civil wars.

Today, The Provinces are the eastern remnants of the empire’s collapse. The warring has ended for the most part and settled into an uneasy peace that is kept in place by the duplicitous nature of its rulers. No one nation is allowed to gather too much strength without a small temporary coalition of other city-states banding together to put a stop to it.

Here follows an incomplete table of known city-states in The Provinces:

Name Leader
Sodor Baron Falken Varcona, Human
Torelle (pronounced "Trell") Count Armand Leerstrom, 


Baroness Lorelei Targana, Human
Kadesh Jarl Haeltar Rockharvest, Dwarf
Lod Chamberlain Archibald Windstrom, Gnome
Nineveh Human
Forum Human
Portis Elven
Hampshire Halfling
Victory Human

Mores and Folkways

In general, the Provinces are a loosely unified cultural region. What follows is a list of common beliefs that are generally shared among all of the inhabitants of the region. More specific information or divergences from the regional norms may be noted in the individual entries for the individual provinces. 

The Provinces

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