So far east as to not really be culturally associated with the other parts of The Provinces, Victory is on the far eastern shore of Ordas. A relatively densely populated city-state in an otherwise sparse region. Victory's culture is quite foreign to the rest of The Provinces. It's mores and folkways harken back to a purer Veridyyan way of life, despite its disconnection from the empire proper and its deeply ironic name. Founded by part of the vanguard of The Imperator's great army, the city was supposed to bring the eastern coastal region to heel and welcome the great general once he finished his campaign east. Unfortunately, the Imperator never arrived on the coast and Victory thrived without a direct political connection to the empire. 

Area in sq. mi. (approximate):


Total Population:


Capital population:


Standing Military: 3,200
Next Largest Town Population: 4,400


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